A Potent Approach to Growth and Learning

Most development focuses on developing the mind – that is the brain, largely the neo-cortex, the bit that processes everything rationally and logically and often these days we include emotions and emotional intelligence, although we tend to do that from a ‘logical or rationalistic’ perspective too.  

However, working with people who want to make a difference, who want to unlock their full potential requires something different.  It requires developing the ‘self’.   You can read more about this here, but for now, think of the self as that which is made up of our personality, habits, characteristics, attitudes, presence.  The ‘self’ that we are has emerged over time and often subconsciously.

If we are to develop greater presence, to lead with purpose and meaning, to have others trust us and follow us, to stand up for what we believe to be right, we have to be able to embody a certain believable quality that will draw others to us and that will serve us in our endeavours.  This requires developing much more than our cognitive understanding.   It requires a re-wiring of our physical, emotional, physiological and bio-chemical responses.  It requires us to bring attention to all of the self, not just the thoughts running around in our heads.  It requires us to pay attention to sensation, to feeling, to breath, to posture, to gripping, tightening, expansion and contraction.  It requires us to pay to our bodily systems, to be able to observe them without getting caught by them.   The powerful reward is that we become greater agents of choice, able to respond more thoughtfully, and with more mindful connection to our ‘self’ and others. 

This new way of Learning is called ‘Somatic Learning’.   It's powerful, it's stretching and it is a choice.