Just Imagine...

That you could experience and inspire greater success, vitality and happiness

Imagine that you could develop more grace and ease with your leadership. Imagine that you could lead with a greater sense of freedom and joy. Imagine that you could do all this and still smash your key targets.



Build trust and connection with your '360' team

Remain focused and present when leading though ambiguity and complexity

Have powerful conversations that build shared purpose and commitment to shared goals

Develop a Leadership style full of more grace, ease and poise

Embrace Your Leadership Wisdom and Purpose



Learn about the missing ingredient for successful leadership and personal development.

     Beverley McMaster  Founder of Leaderwise


Beverley McMaster
Founder of Leaderwise

My Experience

I have been coaching for 5 years with both corporately sponsored and self-funding clients. I am trained and certified as a somatic and ontological coach. Terms unfamiliar to many, the very short version is that working with what is below the conscious radar (physical, moods, emotions, language) you learn to truly embody what you are creating for your self through coaching.

Prior to coaching professionally I enjoyed a career in Senior HR Roles working with household names such as Tesco, Nestle Purina and The Carphone Warehouse.  I’ve worked in Matrix, European and American environments, lived and worked abroad and I speak Spanish.

What we do

At LeaderWise we invest time in helping you to explore and expand the Leadership that sits deep within in you. We support you to manifest the contribution that you feel compelled to make within whatever time frame, within whatever context and however audacious – big or small

A potent approach

Most development focuses on developing the mind – that is the brain, largely the neo-cortex, the bit that processes everything rationally and logically. These days we often include emotions and emotional intelligence.

Why now

This form of Leadership Development is really relevant for a number of reasons.
We live in a world that is calling out for people to make a difference. We face some massive challenges for our humanity and our planet.

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