Beverley Mcmaster, founder of Leaderwise Executive Coaching

"I've got enough grey hairs and wrinkles now" 

I’m referring to a time when I recognised that I was too young to coach professionally – or at least I didn’t have enough life history.  

Time took care of that though!  Add in years of working with all sorts of people in different sectors and industries through no end of challenges, trials and tribulations, embracing love, life and loss, family, transition, growth, exploration, curiosity and I'm ready, present, here and now.  

A little about my history…

I bring corporate experience from household names such as Tesco, Nestle Purina, Revlon and The Carphone Warehouse.   Working in senior Human Resources roles, I have navigated matrix, European and American settings, adjusted to living and working abroad, learning Spanish whilst in my 30’s. In my 40’s having decided in my late 20’s that Coaching would be my second career,  I re-trained with two of the most advanced coaching schools in the world.

Anyone who works with me

Will observe some core tenets that underpin what I now realise, I have been up to most of my life: 

I have a passionate concern for people in the round – we are all humans.   And we are all human beings not just human doings.  Ignoring who someone is, what goes on for them and how they show up is a fatal mistake when targeting higher performance.

Ultimately we are fully resourced to create our own wisdom and be our own guide if we commit to its development

We are hard wired for safety.  We can create our own safety without relying heavily on others.  We can be free of the paralysis of fear, exposure, anxiety and vulnerability. 

Coaching should be a value for money investment in lifetime skills and competence.   Coaching can and ought to provide greater self-awareness, capacity for self-correction and the ability to self-generate. 

I believe that it is possible to say most things to most people with multi-level awareness, care and presence.   

I have two children, live in the Garden of England and work often in one of the best cities in the world - London.  I commit to regular daily and weekly practices in the furtherance of developing my ‘self’ and what I’d like to achieve in the world.  I believe passionately in the collective brilliance we possess and that we have it within our gift to resolve many of the massive challenges we face.   To think otherwise is too depressing. I believe  that the power of working somatically – that is with the whole of who we are (emotional, physical, biological and cognitive capacities), not simply us as ‘brains on sticks’ has the potential to transform the way in which we regard and connect with ourselves, each other and the world around us.  Of coaching … whilst it can at times, be a serious pursuit, there is nothing like laughter and lightness to build connection, empathy and understanding between two human beings, (a quote brazenly stolen from Victor Borge and adapted). Occasionally we get to laugh and have some fun, at the same time as working with whatever it is that you wish to manifest for yourself in the domain of Leadership.


Who choose to work with me are usually in questions around how to be more influential, how to build stronger relationships, how to have more presence and impact. There maybe some anxiety and stress wound up in there too.

After coaching for 5 years I have observed however, that many people I work with also come to recognise that they have something deeper to deliver, some greater potential to be accessed.   Deep within us human beings is a need to create something of meaning and once we work out what that is, the daily interactions with others that we engage in are set within the context of that larger purpose.

I am experienced at helping my clients to be able to engage in leadership acts with grace, dignity and balanced impact.     It is possible to create a Leadership Presence that is confident, consistent and coherent. You can read more about how developing the self is critical to Leadership Development here (Why LeaderWise - Why Somatics)


The companies I have coached within include:

Dixons Carphone, Linked In, Lexis Nexis, Bausch & Lomb, DC Thompson, Save the Children, Expedia, 20:20 Vision. Private clients have come from Professional Accountancy, Publishing, Pharmaceuticals.

Past client's and their logos that Leaderwise has worked with